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Escaping the Feast or Famine Mindset: A Guide for Photographers

As a professional photographer, it's easy to fall into the "feast or famine" mindset, where one day you're swamped with work, and the next you're struggling to find your next gig.

This kind of mentality can not only create stress but also hinder your ability to grow as a creative professional. To break free from this cycle, we'll explore tips and strategies to help photographers maintain a steady workflow and achieve financial stability.

Diversify Your Photography Services

Eggs in different baskets

Diversifying your photography services is crucial to achieving financial stability as a photographer. By offering a wide range of services, you can tap into various client pools and maintain a steady stream of work throughout the year.

For example, if you specialize in wedding photography, consider branching out into other areas such as portraits, commercial photography, event photography, and travel photography. This will not only increase your chances of getting more bookings but also allow you to expand your creative skills and explore new avenues of photography.

Moreover, diversification can help you cater to different budgets and needs, which can lead to higher profits and a broader customer base. So, don't limit yourself to just one niche; embrace versatility and explore new opportunities to grow your photography business.

Offer High-Quality Photography products


We'll cover various ways to avoid "famine" and keep your photography sessions running throughout the year, but our list wouldn't be complete without talking about photo products. 

They're an asset full of potential, and the best reason to offer these products is that your clients will be able to fully appreciate your work and their own investment throughout the years.

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Create Recurring Revenue Streams


Developing passive income sources can help stabilize your finances during slower periods. Some ways to create recurring revenue streams include:

  • Selling stock photos on platforms like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock
  • Offering photography courses, workshops, or online tutorials
  • Licensing your images for use in advertisements, merchandise, or print publications
  • Creating a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel and monetizing it through ads or affiliate partnerships

Plan Ahead and Set Goals

Plan Ahead Quote

When it comes to setting goals for your photography business, it's important to think beyond just the immediate future. While short-term goals can be helpful for keeping you on track and motivated, it's the long-term goals that will truly help you break free from the feast or famine cycle.

Start by envisioning where you want your business to be in five or even ten years. What kind of clients do you want to be working with? What kind of projects do you want to be shooting? What kind of income do you want to be earning? Once you have a clear vision for your future, you can start breaking it down into smaller, actionable steps that will help you get there.

To ensure that you're making progress towards your long-term goals, make sure to regularly revisit and reassess them. Are there any adjustments you need to make? Are there any new opportunities that have come up that you want to pursue? By staying focused on the bigger picture and continually refining your strategies, you'll be able to build a photography business that is both financially stable and personally fulfilling.

Develop a Marketing Plan

Digital Marketing Motivation

In addition to online marketing, consider attending networking events and conferences to meet potential clients and collaborators. Referrals are also a powerful way to expand your reach. Encourage satisfied clients to refer you to their friends and family by offering incentives, such as discounts on future services.

Email marketing is another effective way to stay top-of-mind with potential clients. Use email newsletters to showcase your latest work, highlight promotions or special offers, and share tips and advice on photography. By consistently delivering value to your email subscribers, you'll build trust and establish yourself as an authority in your field.

Another important marketing strategy to consider as a photographer is to design and order your own product samples to share with your clients during In Person Sales (IPS) meetings. Samples are excellent for all photographers that wish to sell more, maximize profits, and make the sales part of your meeting a cinch.

In summary, a well-planned marketing strategy will help you build a steady stream of clients and grow your business. By investing time and effort in building a strong online presence, attending networking events, using samples, and using email marketing and referrals, you can expand your reach and attract new business.

Maintain Client Relationships

Happy clients are more likely to recommend you to others and provide repeat business. Foster strong relationships with your clients by:

  • Offering exceptional customer service
  • Following up after a project to ask for feedback
  • Sending thank-you notes or small tokens of appreciation Staying in touch through newsletters or holiday greetings

Stay Financially Organized

Being financially organized can help you avoid the stress of feast or famine periods. Develop a budget, track your expenses, and set aside a portion of your income for taxes, insurance, and rainy days. Additionally, consider working with a financial advisor or accountant to help manage your finances.

Invest in Personal and Professional Development

Invest in Personal Development

Continuously upgrading your skills and knowledge can help you stay competitive in the industry. Attend workshops, conferences, and online courses to learn new techniques and stay updated on the latest trends. This will enable you to offer clients the best possible service and keep your portfolio fresh and relevant.


The feast-or-famine mindset is a common challenge for photographers, but it can be overcome with thoughtful planning and diligent effort. You can build a stable and thriving photography business by diversifying your services, creating recurring revenue streams, setting goals, marketing your business, maintaining client relationships, staying financially organized, and investing in personal and professional development. Embrace these strategies, and soon the feast-or-famine mindset will become a thing of the past.

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