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Maria Mirage fantasy photography #featuredphotographer

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Maria Mirage fantasy photography #featuredphotographer

As our second featured photographer please meet Maria Mirage, fantasy photographer living near London, UK. Maria work is very inspiring, unique and we highly recommend reading more about her.


Please introduce yourself

I am Maria Mirage, photographer inspired by fairy tales and Pre-Raphaelite paintings.

I love create dark whimsical romantic pictures with textured look, dominated by strong colors. My goal is find a speck of magic in every woman and turn it to bonfire to light a beautiful vessel of human body from within. I am glad I can provide women opportunity to turn their dreams into reality, step into wonderland with me to really cherish their beauty and femininity.

Pictured: Self-portrait by Maria Mirage


I am very connected with nature and do my photography only outdoor with natural light, I even converted my back garden into my studio with allow me create illusion of outdoor but give my models comfortable environment. I can create enchanted forest with fog machine. I even learned to create "magical lake" out of pond liner and boxes so I can do all my water photography in my garden. To be able transform people into fairy personages for many years I am collecting costumes, I am also a designer so I making costumes and accessories. I have very hand-on approach I glue, sew costumes, and creating decoration for my garden. Car-boots, charity shops and craft stores are places where I get very inspired. It feel good to give things second life, to re-birth.

Model: Jessica Megan, behind the scene picture taken by filmmaker Richard Wakefield

I live in small village in UK surrounded by forests, it is very close to London and have broadband so I feel connected to the world but it still very calm and special place. My family include husband, son and three black cats.

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