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A deal for a sample and a wedding for a lifetime

The world’s most expensive wedding cost almost one billion US dollars. While you may not find it likely to shoot a wedding like that anytime soon, you can still count on some stellar sales in the meantime, no matter where you may run your business. We’ll provide you with some discounts and tips on how to get there towards the end of the post!

Weddings are global.


What do we mean by this?

There is a very vague, universal concept of what a “wedding” should be. Thanks to the different values, traditions and cultures from around the world however, while that “idea” of said wedding stays the same, how it actually looks and turns out can be completely different from place to place, or even from family to family. These variables truly “paint” the outlines of a wedding. A photographer specializing in weddings needs to keep this in mind if they want to make the most of it - for the sake of their business, and for the sake of delivering the best possible service to their potential clients.

a worldwide wedding

Why is this important?

  • Having a level of understanding about the various types of weddings one may encounter makes you more versatile, allowing you to take on more shoots that you would otherwise miss out on.
  • If you do accept weddings centered around different religions or cultures, it will allow you to be more precise. You will be able to ask the right questions, see your client’s preferences more clearly and boost your overall level of professionalism.
  • As you may have a better idea of what to expect, you can tailor the type of print you offer to a specific wedding. If you know there will be many photos spread out over the course of days, you’d know when to opt in for a larger, more robust photo product. If there are some standout parts of a wedding, like thrones, lavishly laid-out tables and pieces of cultural significance, you’ll have an easier time suggesting more stand-out pieces of print such as wall decor. This, of course, positively affects your business.

While there are of course dozens of different weddings that are intricate in their own way, you can still focus on a few that simply aren’t as covered in the western world, but hold a very large share of people, which you may not typically get as clients. As we are slowly approaching a more culturally unified planet, let’s take an example out of a few cultural differences in weddings and see how, with a little more understanding, you can come to expect more satisfied clients.

Muslim Weddings

henna night and colours in muslim weddings

A common part of many Muslim wedding cultures, particularly among people of Turkish descent, is the Henna - A traditionally bride-oriented event taking place a few days before her wedding, involving dances, friendly get-togethers and body painting, all mixed in with a little sorrow. Nowadays, this event has become more modern and reflective of society - sometimes, the groom can show up with his friends, and the event can be held at places like hotels and pubs. Nevertheless, to your benefit, dear photographer, some things didn’t change.

For example, given how the color white is a big motif in western weddings, pay attention to the use of the color red during Henna night. The bride may put on red gloves, a red veil is also put on the bride’s face. All of this gives you an excellent opportunity to see if the pair would like a separate shoot before the main ceremony and if they’d like an album dedicated to this night - which you can of course suggest to be red on its cover.

Some Muslim weddings can be filled with royal influences to express vast splendor - see if the pair has a set of thrones prepared for them, as they’d result in an incredible photo.

It’s also sometimes worth seeing if the bride & groom would like the actual wedding “confirmation” to be photographed or more intimately focused on, as the wedding contract is mostly verbal in the Middle East - some may not find it to be of much importance.

Indian Weddings

vibrant photo from an indian wedding

Indian weddings most often take place in the period between October and March. Given how traditional western weddings may take place less often in this time frame, it’s an excellent opportunity for you to find more work, which may also be in-line with other Indian festivals.

Body painting is also a focus in this sphere of cultural influence, and some Indians have also practiced variations of a Henna night.

The biggest thing about Indian weddings is actually the “longest.” These weddings can sometimes last up to 8 days, making them a colossal undertaking. If you’re lucky to find such a wedding being planned, you should definitely inquire about getting booked for multiple days, guaranteeing you more work with less of a time investment (getting to know one pair of clients for multiple bookings as opposed to multiple clients for one booking.)

It is also customary for the bride to be mourned - make sure not to portray the entire marriage as one happy celebration, especially if the bride has ties to rural India, where respect for one’s elders is paramount (in that situation, it’s worth asking to see if the couple wants to express their respect in some way.)

Lastly, there is some degree of independence between the families prior to the wedding. even in the event of the marriage being arranged; it would be a good idea to see if each family would like their own set of albums, each with their own unique touches.

With all that covered, you’re probably already seeing that there’s a lot to it - so let’s see how you could get better-acquainted with this celebratory microcosm of our world, and where your offers could come in.

Using Wedding Albums and Photo Books like a pro

guest book for weddings of all cultures

Picture the perfect wedding - you’ve got all your equipment set up, guests are rolling in, the bride & groom are having the time of their lives, everything is immaculate - and your clients and their guests are being acquainted with your print products without even knowing it. That’s right! Your books and albums don’t just have to be for photographs only. You’ve prepared a guest book for your clients beforehand which they’ll get to keep forever. Now, the guests will also get to see what kind of photo products can be acquired, and (you guessed it,) they’ll know who to go to if they want their own!

To help you achieve this perfect wedding, we’re offering a deal on sample Photo Albums and Photo Books. You can get either of them, or even both, at 60% off as a sample. Better yet, you can upgrade one (or both) into their complete set counterparts. Simply put, you can also get them with a box and demo USB drive.

All of this can be found on our brand-new updated PDF guide, tailored towards wedding photography samples and all which they may entail.

What else does this guide have?

We’ve worked with many photographers from around the world who have come to immortalize the different wedding cultures and traditions one can find. Join in with them and get yourself some inspiration - you’ll find a large number of their beautiful work being portrayed on our products. You will also find pointers on how to successfully sell wedding photos in print. If you haven’t yet downloaded our mockup files for easier online selling, or our updated PDF swatch book containing all of our available materials, you’ll be able to find links to them here.

Is this available for new nPhoto users only?

Nope! Anyone can make use of the PDF’s current offers. There is a yearly 10 sample product limit for each user, and it doesn’t matter what kind of photography you intend to do, though the PDF’s contents are focused specifically on international weddings. If you’ve already been a customer but plan on expanding your business to different types of photography, this is the right time to do it!

So, to continue your international wedding adventure, follow the button below to get your hands on our guide.

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