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5 Tips from The Pet Photographers Club for Streamlining Your Business

1. Pick featured set locations that your clients can choose from

Having a shortlist of locations saves you time in scouting for the perfect spot. You should know the location on your list like the back of your hand - this will allow you to focus on your client and their pet as well as facilitate you getting the perfect shot.

Remember your main goal: make decisions that profit you but also provide your clients with an amazing experience and final product.

Tune in to the full video to get more insight into why having a list of locations is important, how many locations you should have, and how to incorporate these locations into your booking schedule. Plus, learn why sometimes they don't work and how to cope with this issue.

Pet Photography - Acrylic Triplex - Artwork by Sabrina Mischnik

2. Utilize scheduling software

Make it easy to book yourself! Whether it's a pre-booking call or a full photoshoot appointment, allow clients to book any time of day or night. Set a limit of sessions that you will photograph/edit per week so you're not overloaded. Find out what programs Caitlin and Kirstie recommend and what to keep in mind when selecting the right one in our chat with The Pet Photographers Club!

Including a questionnaire in your booking calendar may be a good idea. Gather questions that will help you produce images that will fit your clients' homes. Your end goal should be catering to print products that fit their aesthetic.

As mentioned in the video, beachy blue photos will clash with a warm bohemian cabin vibe. Location is important, but so are answers to questions like "What is your home like?". Include visual representation so it's easier for you and the client to visualize what is meant.

Pet Photography - Photo Calendar - Artwork by Sabrina Mischnik

3. Use automation tools to automate your social media

One of the easiest ways to save time is to automate what you can. As mentioned by the lovely ladies from The Photographers Club, utilize technology to save time and focus on creating a unique experience for your clients.

Allow technology to do what it's meant to and make your life easier! Use automatic tools for things that don't need to be done manually.

Tune in to the live chat below and see what automation apps and software Kirstie and Caitlin recommend. Plus, it may be a good idea to take one day out of the month to prepare and schedule social media posts. Build social media posts into the workflow of each photo session, export images to have them ready for next month's social media posts, and allow yourself to focus on parts of your business that actually bring you income.

Pet Photography - Folio Box with Board Mounted Prints - Artwork by Mutleys Snaps

4. Create a "Shot List"

Come prepared, especially if you're new to this! Having a list of "must-have shots" or "perfect poses" will fit any human and dog combo and the location. Lists like that are priceless, especially at the start. If you've been in the business a while now, you know which shots your clients opt for, and those should be the first ones you check off your list.

"Every dog is special, and every dog is unique, so it's ok if the poses are the same," - Caitlin, Pet Photographers Club.


If you're new to pet photography and want to know what THE shots to snap are, we recommend listening to the live chat. Caitlin and Kirsty also shared their must-have shots for any pet (dog) photo shoot.

Pet Photography - Complete Photo Album Set - Artwork by Christina Lauder

5. Drop your perfectionist pre-ordering appointment

Another time-saving game changer. Your images don't have to be perfectly retouched for your clients' viewing sessions! Get a whiff of that. If you just can't bear the thought of showing your clients less-than-perfect images, that's ok, too, but you could be putting in a lot more effort than you need to.

For the others, Caitlin and Kirsty from The Pet Photographers Club have a few tips on how to get the most out of your viewing session. How can you sell images at viewing sessions just 20 minutes after the session? How do you engage clients in said viewing sessions, and how well or poorly do these viewing sessions sell images/products? You need to hear what these ladies have to say!

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