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Essential Factors in Getting the Perfect Printing Lab

A printing lab is a professional photographer's most important business partner. We've already discussed why this is such an important relationship, now learn how to be sure you have the best one for you.

In a recent post I discussed why choosing the right professional printing lab is essential for success. Now, I have some tips and key factors to keep in mind to know how to find that lab that is just for you. In the end, don't give up, take your time, and don't settle for less  that perfect lab is out there and it's waiting for you!

Essential Factors in Getting the Perfect Printing Lab


BONUS: Loyaltybe patient as you explore your options to find that perfect partner, but once you got that good feeling go all-in. Many labs have even better options for clients who are exclusive customers. More practically, it's just easier for you and your clients knowing each product in your studio is from the same place and the same rules apply.


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