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Grow-With-Me Box - Keep your Maternity & Newborn Clients Coming Back

What's the idea behind this box?

The „Grow with me” folio box, also known as the milestones box, is a way of encouraging your clients to return for more sessions by offering them a convenient package. In this case, the package in mind would involve offering the client a baby keepsake box, which would be gradually completed over subsequent photo sessions. Many photographers are making use of this package already!

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These folio boxes can double down as a set of great newborn photography presentation boxes!

How would it work?

Let’s say your client agrees to such a package. You offer them a box with the sizing for the maximum amount of prints it can hold. You could then start off with a maternity session, proceed to a newborn one at a later date, then offer sessions every couple of months which would show the baby's progress as it grows up. Cake smash and birthday sessions would be perfect for this package.

With each session, a few more prints could be added to the box, up until the box is full. You could offer them the box from the get-go after their first session, or send it in its complete form once all of the sessions are complete, depending on preference.

If the box is needed first, you can order it separately from the prints. This way, once you complete a session with this client and need to add to said box, you can simply add a few prints alongside an order you’re about to make as you go.


So many photos, only one box...

Don’t forget that there's also an option to include a USB inside of the box! Any photos that couldn't make the main highlight can still be saved there, ensuring that nothing is lost.

folio box - matted prints in a soft background

With these print boxes, you practically guarantee yourself more than one session with a client if they decide to go with this package!

Looking for more info on the Folio Box? Hit the link down below and see its versatility for yourself.

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