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The Best Professional Print Product Line (and it’s not close)



Simply put, it is the most ordered and most revered lineup of products, for photographers and clients alike - not just from any genre either, but from almost every popular genre of photography. It takes some effort to earn that kind of street cred.

Let’s not owe it to the product itself, however. A tool is nothing without its user. It is you, the photographers, who have made acrylics what they are today. Because of this, we’ll be revealing what some of the most known genres in photography have been able to do with them, which products stick, as well as a few kind words :)

As an overview: we’ll be covering wedding, newborn, family, pet, senior and boudoir photography below.


“I have been ordering from nPhoto for my wedding customers for many years. The bestseller is the Acrylic Prestige in size 20x30 (8x10”) or 30x40 (10x12”) with box and stick. - Dennisa Jagusiaka


Photo Album - wedding copy

Let’s get it out of the way: albums and weddings simply go hand in hand. They are inseparable. Sure, Photo Books are currently becoming a bigger thing for weddings over time, but albums are still by far the majority demographic. The same goes for Acrylic Albums over their respective acrylic photo book counterparts. In some regions, Acrylic Albums are used even more favorably than any of the other album types in general.

The Complete Album Set is a staple package of any photographer who offers it - and more and more have shifted to the acrylic kind after seeing their client go wild over it.


“I love the acrylic – wall products especially, because they give a clean, crisp modern feel which I believe would accent any room in a home.” - Ana Brandt


Complete Set Photo Album with USB drive - Acrylic Prestige Collection - Professional Photo Print by nPhoto - Artwork by Ana Brandt Photography

Newborn photos seem to emanate a kind of magic - to parents, it overwhelms them with joy. To photographers, it overwhelms them with a drive to make those photos appear in their absolute best form. Such as in the form of an acrylic product.

The Folio Box appears to be a favorite for many newborn photographers. The acrylic version is beginning to steal the show and is becoming a more and more common option as well. An Acrylic Print wall decor is not uncommon for newborns either, with many parents wishing for something beautiful to placate their home’s walls with - so why not their most precious thing in the world?


"I've been a photographer for about 10 years and a customer of nPhoto for almost as long. My clients can not buy digital files from me, as I focus on products that will accompany my clients through many years of their lives - Albums and Folio Boxes.” - Melanie Schönemann


Dream Book Acrylic F3 AP9 Lory Marie_3

A great part of what makes a family are the memories made together. Family & portrait photographers have been using this fact for the longest time, their work ensuring that these families are able to remember.

The most popular way of doing so are of course albums. Acrylic Albums. The acrylic cover is ideal for it, allowing for a shot of the whole family to be placed right on the front - letting everyone know what it’s about and ensuring that it won’t get lost in an attic somewhere for future generations to uncover. The product can also be designed according to what the photo shoot theme is, encouraging many more client interactions to come (in turn making the acrylic all the more popular.)


“So beautiful, beyond expectations! Very refined finish, tight suspension, and a super nice print.” (Acrylic print) - Stefan Baks


Acrylic extra_10-3

There’s another part of the family that’s unfortunately often overlooked - the household and outdoor pets. Pet and animal photographers are doing their best to make sure those are remembered too. Whether it’s the calm of a horse grazing in the field, or a lovable dog that’s become an irreplaceable family member over the years of bringing joy to all around it, some outright require a photo gallery of their pets to be made into a print product to truly appreciate those fuzzy companions.

For a long time, pet photography has been mostly a digital business - and when in print, it would be mostly delegated to products such as Triplexes or small Folio Boxes. With the gradual rise in popularity of print photography however, many photographers have decided to make the push into full premium product packages. Among these are smaller form factor Acrylic Albums and Acrylic Wall Decor.


“My Acrylic album from NPHOTO ❤️😍 One of my favorite products!!!!!” - Bobbi-Jo Grenier



Seniors. Arguably one of the most important turning points in one’s education and life in general. Some even consider it to be their best years. It’s no wonder that something like that would need to be photographed and cherished - through the spread of an Acrylic Album.

Complete Album Sets have been beloved by many clients and photographers for the full, compact package it can offer - and for a genre like this, being able to have multiple, complete packages at the ready, which can also be customised according to the needs of each client is almost crucial. The acrylic iteration of this set has become wildly popular here, allowing for no album to look the same thanks to the senior’s portrait on the front cover.


“I received my first sample today. It's the complete album acrylic prestige set, and I am in LOVE. The quality is just outstanding. I've ordered albums from two other companies in the past for clients and they pale in comparison. I truly believe the difference is in NPhoto's print process, in which they expose the image right onto the paper. Seriously, it is stunning.” - Susan Youshaw Cashner


Complete Photo Album Set with USB drive - Acrylic Collection - Professional Print by nPhoto - Artwork by Jane Allan

That feeling of freedom - of expression, of emotion, of exploration in one self. That’s what boudoir is all about. That’s what boudoir photographers succeed in unlocking for many of their clients with each photo shoot. Then, the best ones capture those sensations inside of a photo album.

It’s true. Most of those that do find interest in a print product for their boudoir shoot tend to go with a “less revealing” product cover - but those that do want the inside of their album represented, gladly appreciate the layer of acrylic and the photo encased within. It’s a small but very dedicated group, and that’s what counts.


So, dear photographer, what do you think of acrylics? Have they improved your business in a meaningful way? What are some of your favorite uses? Be sure to let us know!

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