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Top 5 Acrylic Products for Newborn Photographers

Newborn photographers! If you’ve been on the nPhoto block in recent time, you’ve probably heard a thing or two being said about acrylic products. To clear it all up and give you a straightforward direction, we’ll be showing the best products which use acrylic, that would also be perfect picks for your particular genre :)

To keep it concise, we’ll be explaining each product shortly and giving their potential uses for maternity and newborn photographers, so that you can make the most out of them!



The main deal - Complete Album Set Acrylic.

zdjęcie LP Complete - newborn copy

It’s simple. The Complete Album Set will perfect anything you throw at it. This includes newborn photography.

This allows you to get an album, a box for said album, as well as an optional USB which, if selected, will find its place inside the box. From the wide range of materials, customisable spreads and paper types, to the variety of size options and additional customization options for the cover, it’s no wonder that this product has captured the hearts of many - being a best-seller among nPhoto print products in general.

For newborns, it has become popular to have bright or pastel colors for the cover. The acrylic album tends to be a favorite for larger, main package offers, while the exclusive collection album is often used in its smaller 8x8 inch size as a starter option. The complete album tends to be a go-to pick, especially if grow-with-me photography is to be kept in mind alongside the newborn session - the album can have a set of purely maternity or first-session photos and can be combined in a package with a different product.


The winning underdog - Triplex.

(Triplex in C22 Kunstleder)

Something small but meaningful, just like the little one themselves.

Three photos inside a premium, album-like cover - simplicity in the best form. Its multitude of options means you can sell it in various packages - and this translates well into newborn photography.

So much so, that newborn photographers tend to be among the biggest triplex users - and for good reason. Making a small “economy” package for small families? A triplex will do.

Need an add-on to your pre-existing package? A triplex will do.

Whether it’s to give to other family members or to use as a decoration on the shelf, parents love this product. Now that the acrylic finish exists on the triplex, you can offer it as an entire full product of its own, offering immense upselling capability.


Memories in a box - Folio Box Acrylic.

zdjęcie LP Folio Box - newborn

Adding an acrylic cover onto the box makes it memorable on its own.

Sometimes, the most precious memories need to be kept safe in the most precious box. Why not a box that offers a huge range of materials, sizes, customization options and an optional USB on the side? It can hold up to 20 matted/board mounted prints, making it ideal for mid-range to main-offer packages if the USB is included.

The acrylic on a folio box cover can be a great opportunity to show what the contents of the box are all about. This isn’t limited to newborn photography, and extends to many different genres. It’s also an outstanding option if the grow-with-me package idea is utilized, as additional prints can be added to an otherwise empty box in the long run.


Not just another decor on the wall - Acrylic Print.

zdjęcie LP Acrylic WD - newborn

The ideal way to both enhance a room and underline the importance of the baby.

A sleek acrylic finish covering professional-grade matte paper. The option to make it stacked, so that it “pops” out in the room. With multiple landscape and portrait sizes you can fit it in most conventional rooms. Best of all, they come ready to hang.

Once again, this is a product which has taken a liking in most genres of photography, but the way it is used in newborn photography is well pronounced. There is a focus on bright colors, which greatly benefit from the visual accentuation of the acrylic layer and makes the baby a centerpiece of the room. Parents also adore it as the child will be able to see the love they have for them in the long term.


Your time to shine - Dreambook 4K Acrylic.

nPhoto Blog - The Difference Between Our Paper Options_ Dreambook 4K Edition 04

Given its niche and amazing potential, it’s only good courtesy to save one of the best for last.

The Dreambook 4K combines the album and photobook into one - but with a twist; as it also allows you to use paper types from the Canon Dreamlabo machine. So, in addition to being (nearly) lay-flat and having the modern Photobook look, you can use high-end professional grade paper to give those baby photos a print quality that is truly worthy.

Given that this product is still filling a niche, it would be a good idea to have other products available for offer, but with the potential result of having the best looking, bright & detailed baby photos, it is more than capable of standing on its own. Combining all that with a bright material option would not only make you stand out through your photos, but also in the unique product you can offer.


Where does this leave us?

At the end of the day, the best acrylic product is of course the one that works for you best - though these might just be a great head-start ;)



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