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3 Reasons Why you Need Acrylic Products in Your Studio

What is your professional photography studio’s ace-in-the-hole? Or your go-to-product? You’re print product sure-fire hit?

acrylic wedding album with USB

You have one, don’t you?

Sure, we need to consider that each client is different and may have slightly different tastes. We also need to keep our brand-image in mind and what it is that we really like to sell. Yet, still – with this in mind – we can have a ‘go-to product’, or that one we are confident to go to in times of dire need.

But, this can go beyond that, too. Let’s look at it from the other perspective: what product, or products, can you confidently build your brand around?

Need help?

We got you. We have a great suggestion for products that can not only be a ‘go-to’, ‘best-seller’, but also a secure and flexible option to build a whole brand around.

acrylic photo print for wedding photography

What is it?

The answer coming to you after this short commercial break -

We kid. The product we have in mind is acrylic. In fact, we are so set on acrylic products that we have 3 more reasons why you can’t go without this product type in your photography studio.

Go Acrylic!

1. Accentuates your Artwork

Your professional photography is good enough on it’s own – and we mean that. Yet, if you could accentuate it with your print products, wouldn’t you want to?

wedding photo book in acrylic

Acrylic products are incredible for the ‘magic’ they perform in taking your work to another level. It’s something about the acrylic façade - that’s almost crystal, or diamond-like, that really brings out the best of photography’s bold and dynamic imagery.

photo album set in acrylic

An acrylic cover to photos not only offers a form of protection, but also gives them a feeling of high-quality, luxury, and also enchantment.

Fortune-telling may be a load of quackery, but acrylic products offer a legitimately enticing and profound medium for your clients to revisit their past by ‘gazing into the crystal...’.

2. Fits Any Genre and Style

Believe it or not, acrylic and acrylic products are a tremendously flexible medium. OK, I mean that in a figurative sense; literally not-so much.

professional newborn photography in acrylic prints

While acrylic is perhaps often thought to work best paired with bold, dramatic images, the truth is they can easily work to compliment dark and moody images all the same. So fear not, you don’t have to be a ‘glossy finish’ style photographer to appreciate and fit acrylic products into your style and brand. They work well with ‘matte finish’ lovers, too.

acrylic print products for pet photographers

This flexibility then extends into genres of photography. Acrylic is not a medium suited only for one type of photography. In fact, acrylic products prove to be hot items with photographers across the board, even (and especially) with boudoir photographers. So whether you’re a wedding, maternity & newborn, seniors, boudoir, even pet or landscape photographer – or someone who bounces around, you can rest assured that professional acrylic products will serve your work well.

3. Many Product Options to Choose From

Going off that theme of flexibility (the figurative kind, of course), if you decide to ‘go acrylic’ with us at nPhoto you have a diverse selection of products to choose from.

custom acrylic books for wedding photos

Fear not, going acrylic does not reduce you to a lonely wall print option. Instead, with us you have the ability to get photo albums, photo books, complete sets, folio boxes, wall décor, and even Triplexes that include acrylic.

Go Acrylic!

So as you see, acrylic products offer an extensive foundation to comfortably build your entire brand around, should you so choose. You can focus on albums in acrylic, or stick to wall décor, you can choose to push Folio Boxes in acrylic and then offer an acrylic Triplex gift / upsell. Or, you can go with it all – acrylic not only looks phenomenal and is consistently a ‘best-seller’, but it also offers tremendous options and variety.

Get your Print Product Ace in the Hole

The most successful and experienced vets, no matter the field or industry, always have a back up plan. Some sure fire way they know they can depend on to get the results they seek. Do yourself, your business, and, frankly, clientele a favor and stock yourself with some acrylic products. The professional photography print products equivalent of the can’t-miss scenario.

professional wedding album with a full acrylic cover

Yet, perhaps ‘ace in the hole’ is a bit misguided as acrylic print products should not be reserved for ‘the products in the back’ status.

In fact, quite the contrary: they are truly best served as the stereotypical showpieces, and, as mentioned above, have the legs to serve as an entire collection. Don’t hesitate to show off (dare we say, ‘brag about’) their beauty and make them a foundation for your studio.

And, they have the track record to back it up. Ryan Burhop of EMRY photography glows about our acrylic wall décor, “I can’t wait to put it on the wall for clients to see them. I know it’s going to be an easy sell.”

Then, renowned professional maternity and newborn photographer Ana Brandt of Ana Brandt Photography agrees proclaiming, “The wall acrylic we just received are so amazing….”

As for other acrylic products, Ana, continues, “I love the albums with acrylic covers – and 3 clients this week said they loved them as well. They are modern and very attractive.”

Acrylic; a clean, modern, beautiful product that is an easy-sell and clients love!

So for those who feel they get lost in the 'dance of the sale' I suppose ‘can’t-miss’ and ‘ace in the hole’ are perfect terms. Get some for yourself today (click the button below).

Go Acrylic!

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