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The Complete Guide to Accordion Mini Books

We can’t help noticing that photographers love our Accordion Mini Books. They’re the perfect way to showcase photography in a small but eye-catching way.

We've added exciting new fabrics and patterns to make this product more enticing and beneficial to our photographers. This short blog also includes some helpful tips to save you some headaches. 

We Now Have More Stylish Pre-made Pattern Options

Blue Velvet Accordion Mini Book
New Velvet Aquamarine Blue

We now have a whopping 33 unique, pre-made cover patterns - laser-etched to create durable designs. (7 are Christmas patterns)

Package deals for your client orders

Accordion Mini Book Packages

In addition to our exciting new fabrics and patterns, we also offer package deals for our Accordion Mini Books. These deals are perfect for photographers who want to order multiple mini-books at once.

For example, you can order a package of 3-4 mini-books with a 25% discount or a package of 5 or more mini-books with a 40% discount. This is a great way to save money while still getting high-quality products for your clients.

To take advantage of our package deals, add the desired number of accordion mini books to your cart, and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the most out of our products, and our package deals are just one way we're doing that.

Designing Your Accordion Mini Book

To design your product, add the accordion to the shopping cart from the "Full Offer" section of our nShop to ensure you can view all our fabric and pattern options.

Then select the cover pattern, fabric color, and page count, then add it to your cart. Your cart will then update with the selected product.

Next, while in your cart, access the Online Designer by clicking on Design Project Online within the order summary section for the product.

After clicking the link, you can access our improved Online Designer - the nPhoto Designer Pro. Easily edit and upload images to the product using the "Smart Designer" option or use our "Auto-Creation" feature to quickly design your album after selecting your preferences. 

Some Items to Consider

Tip 1: Please select the final cover pattern you want before continuing to the cart because you will have to delete the entire Accordion Mini Book from your cart to change the cover pattern after proceeding further.

Also, please remember that personalization options are limited with the pre-made covers since only some allow for text. You also cannot currently upload custom templates to create your design.

Patterns with text editing available will already have text on the image. You can add quotes, names, or phrases to these cover patterns that include text.

You can visit our nPhoto Designer Pro FAQ section for answers to common questions and a quick walkthrough. 

Key Details About Our Accordion Mini Books

Red, Black, and White Mini Books
Crimson Red, Licorice Black, and Off White Velvet Textiles

The size and quality of our Accordion Mini Books have stayed the same since first being released. We know that their small, practical design provides photographers with many creative possibilities.

Wedding, maternity, newborn, family, and pet photographers love this product. It's a product that matches the nature of these photography types. A small, unique present you can carry daily is the best gift.

Moreover, we've been adding more fabrics and colors. We currently have ten colors available and plan to deliver more. 

With our new velvet fabric, Aquamarine Blue Velvet, you only have the option of 6 designs because other designs result in blurred images and need to meet our quality standards. 

Choose from 12 to 18 pages (12, 14, 16, or 18) and six to 18 photos for your designs. The inner panels measure 7x7 cm / 2.7"x2.7”. The front and back velvet and suede hardcovers come in 8x8 cm / 3"x3”, meaning the Accordion Mini Book is the smallest album ever.

However, this isn't to say that it's the only size available! We've also introduced two larger sizes, 12x12cm / 5x5" & 10x14cm / 4x5.5". The former allows for 6 to 10 pages, while the latter allows from 6 to 14.

Why we can't use certain materials for binding

As much as we'd like to have our Accordions available in more materials and colors, certain materials do not work well for small products. For example, some materials are less malleable and easier to fray, especially for smaller sizes.

Because we want our products to last long and give you and your clients the best of what we have to offer, we only choose materials and designs that meet our quality standards.

What Paper Option to Choose

The paper options are Felix Schoeller 290 gsm or the fine art Mohawk Eggshell 216 gsm. 

Felix Schoeller is an all-time favorite because it offers a versatile paper option. It's perfect for any photography, and the finish gives off a gentle shine - between matte and glossy paper. Plus, it's also coated and resistant to delicate scratches and fingerprints.

In comparison, Mohawk Eggshell is a matte paper, which creates a warm undertone and visible texture. It's characterized by low contrast and a fine art finish that is perfect for passing around and sharing since it's easy to see in any lighting. 

Magnets to Keep Your Photography Safe

Our Accordion Mini Books are designed with built-in magnetic seals that clasp safely shut to keep your photography secure for you and your clients. 

In addition, the magnetic seals allow for easy stacking, making an excellent display choice for more significant events. Stack them five high, and people will wonder how they stay put. 

Our Accordion Mini Book Boxes

Mini Book Velvet Options
Accordion Mini Books and Boxes

You can also order Eco Gift Boxes as an add-on for your Accordion Mini Books. This gives your hard-earned photography and designs a classy and convenient packaging option. 

Currently, they're available in black or terrazzo, as shown in the picture above. We know that you and your clients will appreciate our high-quality boxes.

Our boxes are made from fully recycled products, and you can now choose from 26 pre-made cover patterns.

Mini Books Fit Perfectly Inside Our Boxes

One item to remember is that our boxes are made to fit the accordions inside perfectly.

Your accordions will be secure in these boxes until they're ready to be presented.

Here are two more tips to consider:

Tip 2: Add the Mini Boxes to your cart after you've made all final changes to your Mini books. You can't edit or change your Accordion Mini Books once you've added add-ons to your order.

Tip 3: You can only add one pattern design for each Accordion Mini Book order, including boxes. If you want different patterns, add another Accordion Mini Book as a separate project to your cart to choose a different pattern. 

The Must-Have Product for Upsells

New Accordion Book Color
New Velvet Aquamarine Blue Velvet

Our Accordion Mini Books are one of the best upsell options. Why? Grandparents, especially, love these products because it keeps their favorite photos accessible and on hand. 

Grandparents and parents have no better way to show off pictures of their grandkids, children, or pets. 

These mini photo albums are fun to open and view. Your clients will be instantly attracted to these accordion-style photo albums.

Please check the link for more information about our Accordion Mini Books.

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