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Words of Wisdom from World-Changing Entrepreneurs

No matter who you are, what you do, or your business goals - this will be sure to help you stay on track, reach for the stars, and achieve what you've always desired.

What makes me love the internet is when you are just surfing along and coming across something that inspires you. This week that distinction goes to BBC Capital who posted a wonderful gallery, with quotes, from nine truly inspiring teens. Whether you’re a little down on yourself, looking to get to that next level, or just want a good start to your day, be sure to check out BBC’s Life Advice from Teens Who Are Changing the World.

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As a little teaser, BBC quotes 12-year-old Gitanjali Rao, the inventor and founder of Tethys – a portable device that tests water for lead – who reminds us:

“While solving problems, you will continue to encounter failures. Accept them, but persist with the problem. Do not give up, and always remember the bigger goal of making a difference.”

Don’t sell yourself short. Your work makes a difference for your clients and, when done right, will last for generations and make a difference for their children and grandchildren as well.

As Ms. Rao reminds us, don’t forget about this goal and understand problems are a part of any work; when they arise it's important to persist to find the best ways to solve them, even if multiple attempts are unsuccessful.

This is just one of example of many more words of wisdom from some truly remarkable teens. Read on to push yourself further to help yourself, your clients, and the world.

For more about Gitanjali Rao and her invention click here.

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