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5 Essential Sells for Christmas

The holiday season is here! The clock is ticking but it's not too late to entice your clients with these must-have, easy-selling professional photo products.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

5 essential sells for Christmas - by nPhoto 08

Well, for most anyway.

Too often for the overworked, over-stressed, undervalued, underpaid photographer, it’s not.

But we’re here to help you put a stop to all that because it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom for photographers around the holiday season.

In fact, this should be, well, the most wonderful time of the year (sorry, couldn’t help myself) for professional photographers.

Why? Because this is the time of year when people (no matter their affiliation) pause and reflect on what matters most to them. And, despite the constant bombardment from colorful ads of new things, this usually leads people to think of people in their life.

Now, answer me: what could be a better, more thoughtful gift – and gift in its true sense, not its exaggerated, materialistic sense – than memories of those people preserved in high-quality and capable of lasting lifetimes?

That is what you as a professional photographer provide: the greatest gift of all, the memories of what people cherish most.

But, how will you present these memories to your clients?

The reality is, when you print your work you turn those memories into tangible, archival experiences that can be both stored and retrieved easily by anyone and everyone. This means precious memories that can be relived, again and again - and later still by future generations.

So put your work to print, and use these five products specifically, so you can be sure that you and your client, both, get the most of out of what you offer.

After all, this is your business and there is no shame in you recognizing that and getting your worth.

1. The Professional Photo Album

The big one: the photo album.

Often, too often, photographers shy away from an album because they fear their clients won’t see the value in it and it won’t sell.

5 essential sells for Christmas - by nPhoto 07

However, the holiday season is the ideal time to remind families not to forget about an heirloom product that will preserve their precious moments for generations and, therefore, grab a professional quality album.

This time of year, especially, encourage your clients, or perspective clients, to get a good family shoot in while-everyone-is-together and propose them an album as the print option.

Also, albums don’t have to be big and costly.

If you partner up with the right lab, like us at nPhoto, you can get an album in a variety of sizes, with some as small as 6’ in x 6’ in, and for a great price. Small albums, in particular, make the perfect gift for ‘mom and dad,’ or ‘grandma and grandpa,’ or any family member or loved one.

In fact, at nPhoto we have a great package deal where you can order one main album – at a standard size- and get two smaller, identical copies at a discounted price.

This package is often, aptly, referred to as our ‘Parent Album’ package and makes for a great gift for the family of your client and their two sets of parents.

This is package is great for the holidays and an easy sell as it provides a thoughtful gift that satisfies many gift needs, and comes at a good price for your and your client alike.

No matter what you decide upon, you can be sure you get the highest-quality album when you order from nPhoto. All of our albums come standard; hand-crafted, flush-mounted, lay-flat with durable, sturdy 800gsm spreads. You can select your final design from over 70 plus cover material options including textiles, eco-leatherettes, suede textiles, and velvets; as well as over 5 paper finishes and three state-of-the-art printings styles.

Our albums are true luxury products that make for the perfect gift for the holiday season, or any special occasion.

Get a Photo Album

PRO tip: Do you have a client who is stubborn about the digital option? Go for our Complete Album package which is the perfect compromise as it includes our full-fledged professional photo album and a USB all packaged stylishly in a matching album box.

Get a Complete Album Set

2. The Folio Box

Some clients prefer the independent aspect of loose print-outs, but want to retain that luxury feel.

5 essential sells for Christmas - by nPhoto 02

This is where our Folio Boxes come into play. Unbound, this set contains prints that can be handled individually, and are further accentuated by being either matted in urbane frames, or mounted on sturdy, professional photo board. These prints then come collected in a hand-crafted box that can include a USB as an option.

5 essential sells for Christmas - by nPhoto 03

Of course, the greatest thing about Folio Boxes is their practicality. They are not as hefty or as cumbersome as the often intimating professional photo album.

Moreover, the concept of the product allows for a variety of display options. The prints can be beautifully displayed whether kept in their box perched on a shelf, displayed throughout a home as individual images, or hung as a collection on a wall. The opportunities are vast and varying which is why the Folio Box is quickly becoming the modern day photo album and is essential for you to have in your studio and show off to your clients.

Talk about a product that sells itself.

Get a Folio Box

3. The Triplex

Our Triplex makes for the perfect ‘stocking stuffer.’

5 essential sells for Christmas - by nPhoto 06

Or, in other words, it’s that professional level photo product for those clients on a budget.

But don’t be fooled, while the Triplex may be a great, cheaper alternative to more substantial show-piece products, it is not so for lack of quality. The Triplex showcases three images printed with the same Noritsu HD Silver Halide technology as used in our acclaimed albums. The images are also printed on the same thick paper and mounted to make 800gsm images. These are then mounted on a sleek, leatherette tri-fold.

The Triplex is an essential sell as it is a great add-on to an order as an upsell. Particularly at this time of year when clients have the whole family in mind, the Triplex makes the perfect photo accessory for clients to give to relatives or friends. Have one in your studio for clients to experience and be sure they remember about everyone this holiday season.

Get a Triplex

4. Prints

There’s nothing that says ‘photography’ more than the good-ole-fashioned photographic print.

5 essential sells for Christmas - by nPhoto 05

With that in mind, these are easy sells as it is something your buying clients will be familiar with.

Also, these too don’t have to cost you, or your clients, an arm-and-a-leg. We offer prints in a variety of styles, formats, and grades so you can always be sure to match the best print to each photographic occasion and client’s circumstance.

Specifically, we offer prints as DreamPrints or standard Prints.


Our DreamPrints are the highest quality prints you’ll ever be able to find. And that’s not hyperbole.

Available in six different sizes and printed on our Canon DreamLabo 5000 these prints boast an incredible 4K definition and 2400 DPI image output. This means skin will seem so lifelike you’ll want to touch it. Thanks to its special, fortified 7-dye ink the printer excels in printing skin tones, shades, and black and whites. Due to it’s high DPI it guarantees a smooth gradations and even distribution every time.

Then, just to accentuate it’s fine print capabilities, you can select among three specific Canon paper types; papers designed specially for use with the DreamLabo 5000 printer. Those being: Canon Lustre (275 gsm), Canon Gloss (275 gsm), and Canon Deep Matte (240 gsm).

This product is perfect for those meticulous and detail-orientated clients looking for ‘the best’ possible family prints.

For more information, see DreamPrints on our website.

Get DreamPrints


Meanwhile, our Prints make an ideal substitute for those on a budget.

Yet, just because they're a more economical option, doesn’t mean they aren’t of a high, professional quality. In fact, our standard Prints are printed using the same Noritsu HD Silver Halide technology as our highly-acclaimed albums. In this way, you can be sure our Prints will last your clients generations and become relics reminisced by grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Select among 17 different size options and four paper types to make sure you always have the perfect selection for each occasion. The available paper types: Fuji Gloss (235 gsm), Fuji Lustre (235 gsm), Fuji Silk (235 gsm), Fuji Pearl [Metallic] (250 gsm).

No matter which type of prints you decide to run with, they are a professional photographer’s ace in the hole.

Available in any quantity, even one print!, they are ideal to add on to bundles and use as upselling tools – especially when paired with larger items like albums, or digital options like our Memory Box.

Photography evolved around the standard print and it’s the product the general public originally fell in love with. Even in this day-and-age of digital and creative, extravagant photo products it’s still what we revere the most. Nothing sits on a fridge like a standard photo print; make sure you have some on-stock for your clients.

Get Prints

PRO Tip: Box for Prints - Complete Experience

5 essential sells for Christmas - by nPhoto 01

Pair your prints with our Box for Prints to give your clients a truly complete and remarkable experience. Not only, are our handcrafted boxes able to safely and stylishly house your precious prints, but they also can be upgraded to include a USB. Find out more on our website.

Get a Box for Prints

5. Memory Box

OK, so some good things can come in digital form. Heck, sometimes the best things come in small, square boxes :)

Our Memory Boxes are certainly no exception.

5 essential sells for Christmas - by nPhoto 04

Give your clients something they’ll certainly be asking about – a digital option.

Yet, do it in style, and in a great cost-effective way that will easily make for a gift your client can pass on themselves.

Our Memory Box is a mini 3.0 USB stored in a sleek, square, hand-crafted box resembling a gift from the jewelry shops on high streets. It comes ready to display to your clients, or for them to turnaround and use a gift to family themselves.

Have your digital files stored in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB and personalize your box with your choice of over 70+ material options.

If you aren’t sold on the Complete Set, but would love to offer your client both a print product and digital option, pairing a Photo Album, Photo Book Pro, or DreamBook 4K with a Memory Box is a great, creative way to address both options. Also, as mentioned the Memory Box can be a great package add-on or upsell to advise your clients to use it as a gift for their family members.

Lastly, our 128GB USB option is capable of holding 4K video and could make a great addition to your photo package.

Learn more about our Memory Box with 'A Sensible, Stylish Take on Digital'.

Also visit Memory Boxes on our website.

Get a Memory Box

Yet, perhaps, the best thing about these products – above their own individual value, is that they can all be used to help create fantastic, ‘all-included’ packages to service all of your clients needs. They can also target different price points on your pricing scale and truly form a solid foundation for your studio.

These high-quality, professional products are available to you at a tremendous price that will leave plenty of ‘wiggle room’ and profit potential for you and your studio. With your own creativity, imagination, and business know-how you can create enticing offers using these products that are catered specifically for your studio and audience.

However, remember: these are not just ‘products’, but sales that preserve your clients’ most valuable memories.

Yet, sales that also happen to provide a tremendous opportunity of preserving your business and providing you abundant financial gain. This is why these five sells for Christmas are not just ‘easy’, or ‘excellent,’ but ‘essential.’

'Tis the season to be jolly after all.

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