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6 Reasons Metal Wall Decor is a Must in your Pro Photography Studio

Wall décor can be both a blessing and a curse for professional photographers. When handled appropriately it can be a wonderful source of steady income in the way of specific package deals, or a part of diverse product bundles, or even as a last minute upsell. Framed Dibond Print for fineart photography

Yet, navigating your way through all the options and sizes, and choices that the term ‘wall-art’ provides can too often feel as easy as trip through a virgin patch of the Amazon.

But, don’t get discouraged.

The clearing that marks the end of the jungle is not far off. And, you’ll find, wall-art is actually a great compass to lead you to treasure. But, this brings us back to the all-important question: how to do wall art right?

It starts by offering the right wall art in the first place.

While it’s essential to listen to your clients and follow their lead when looking to make a sale, sometimes (often times) they’ll need some guidance themselves, and this is when you need to step in and be the guide they're yearning for; show them the best they can have for what they are looking for.

With all that said, we turn our attention to one of the most intriguing wall-art products you’ll find – a true guiding light in the lost jungle of it all: metal prints.

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Below we focus on the importance of metal prints and provide you with six reasons why you need to incorporate metal prints and metal print products into your studio offer this year (and beyond).

Why Do I Need Metal Prints?

6 reasons why wall decor is a must have - by nPhoto 08

1) Unique Beauty

Let’s start with the most obvious one: the beauty factor. Metal prints are simply gorgeous.

Yet, we can say that about nearly all professional print products. What makes metal prints so special to even mention this, is that they have their own unique beauty; particularly our Dibond Metal prints throughout our Dibond Metal print range.

Thanks to their direct printing on the metal’s naturally colored, brushed aluminum, these products offer a sensational modern pop with a wonderful vintage touch.

The metal medium not only protects the prints, but provides a glossy, reflective finish that really makes them shine, meanwhile the soft brush strokes on the metal give it a professional, artistic undertone. The result leaves a perfect composition to apply your already masterful artwork to.

If you want a print product that is cutting-edge, in demand, and will be enjoyed on a daily basis look no further than metal wall prints, particularly our Dibond Metal prints range.

2) Durable

Another significant advantage of our Dibond Metal print products is the incredible durability they possess.

6 reasons why wall decor is a must have - by nPhoto 04

While we still recommend standard use, storage, and display conditions, and following the instructions in the provided care and maintenance booklet, it is worth mentioning that the metal prints of these products are incredibly scratch resistant, corrosion resistant, and water proof. Especially when compared to more traditional photography print mediums.

In fact, Dibond is actually a brand name for a composite material that consists of two sheets of aluminum sandwiching a flexible plastic core so you can be sure your products will have both stability and durability.

Simply, no other professional print products will out match metal prints in terms of durability and resistance.

3) Long Lasting

In a direct follow up to what we just discussed above about the products overall durability, our metal prints were made to last with images that won’t fade.

The print technology combined with the printing method and the materials used allow for the images on these products to be incredibly fade resistant and tolerant of UV damage.

Again, we stress following the conventional conditions for display, storage, and usage of these products, but nonetheless compared to other more traditional print mediums they are incredibility long lasting and durable.

This makes them an ideal choice for studio sample, or studio display work which you would like to get the most life out of and likely expose to various conditions through travel, interaction, and various display locations.

4) Easy to Clean

6 reasons why wall decor is a must have - by nPhoto 05

Another benefit of these products’ durable, forgiving nature is that they are that much easier to clean. We recommend following the instructions of the care and maintenance guide included as a print out in each order of our wall-art products. This information is also available online as a downloadable PDF file.

5) Variety

The best thing about our new Wall-art product launch is the amount of choices it offers you as a professional photographer.

We know, we opened saying how daunting wall décor can be with all it’s choices, so why is this suddenly a good thing?

Because diversity is healthy for any business and increases the chances you’ll put forward a unique brand that will stand out among the professional photographer – or, just ‘photographer’, competition.

Why suddenly choice is no longer an issue, is because working with us at nPhoto, as your professional print lab, you are assigned a personal contact adviser who, much like you do with your clients, will be happy to guide you through our options, listen to your needs, and match you with the best product(s) you require.

So despite that fact we offer a wide range of options, they are easy for you to navigate :)

Now, back to the metal prints themselves ;)

Even specifically within our Dibond Metal print offering you have a selection among three unique products: our standard Dibond Metal Prints, our Framed Dibond Metal Prints, and our Stacked Dibond Metal Prints.

Dibond Metal Prints

6 reasons why wall decor is a must have - by nPhoto 07

Our Dibond Metal Prints are exactly as they sound. The product presented as a standard Dibond metal print. This means your image directly printed onto horizontally-brushed aluminum Dibond creating a lasting, metallic, artistic finish. 

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Framed Metal Prints

6 reasons why wall decor is a must have - by nPhoto 06

Compare this to our Framed Dibond Metal Prints which come with the standard print framed in a sleek aluminum, black frame. This is a great way to add another traditional, homey touch to an otherwise modern, trendy product.

Explore Framed Dibond Metal Prints

Stacked Dibond Metal Prints

6 reasons why wall decor is a must have - by nPhoto 09

Then there is our Stacked Dibond Metal Print which features our standard Dibond prints stacked on top of an MDF board that overflows the images and creates a fascinating floating, framed, or stacked appearance.

Explore Stacked Dibond Metal Prints

All of these products come available in 8 size options and portrait, landscape, and square orientations.

TIP: Due be aware, as well, since these are directly brushed onto aluminum Dibond (not printed) the color white will appear silver on all of our Dibond products. Please keep this in mind when selecting images for these products.

However, if you are set on wall-art, but still aren’t sure about metal prints, be sure to check out our other new products on offer; traditional Framed Prints, Acrylic Print related products, and MDF Wood Mounted prints.

6 reasons why wall decor is a must have - by nPhoto 01

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6) The Quality

In addition to all we’ve mentioned about metal prints specifically, as a premier professional printing lab we guarantee exceptional printing quality on all of our products.

6 reasons why wall decor is a must have - by nPhoto 03

Nothing is more stress relieving than having a printing partner whom you can trust will deliver incredible results time and time again.

Partnered with thousand of professional photographers all over the world, we assure you our standards and print quality will more than satisfy you. Try us out today.

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Why Should I Even Offer Wall Decor at all?

The ability wall décor has to flip your professional studio a healthy profit should not be overlooked, or underestimated.

This is especially true when offering incredible, professional-quality products such as those we’ve just gone over.

Remember what we said about offering the right products? These are a few, specifically speaking.

6 reasons why wall decor is a must have - by nPhoto 02

Yet, wall-art in it’s general sense is often ‘the right choice,’ for clients as it’s an extremely client-friendly product. (You can read more about that in detail by following the link above. In fact, there you can also learn some interesting wall décor selling strategies.)

But, for a just a taste, this is true because it is a product that is always on display, fits well hung on a wall in a client’s home, and is usually a cheaper alternative to a decked out album or Folio Box option.

Have a peak at our metal prints and other wall décor options, yourself, and see how much less of an investment they can be for you as well.

A durable, striking, client-friendly print product that is available to you in many options at a decent rate. That is what our Dibond Metal Prints offer you.

How is that for a guiding light? Consider your ‘Curse of Wall-art’ vanquished, and with our new and existing wall décor products let the money rain in.

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Got your mind set on offering Wall Decor but don't have a way to start offering them online? Feel free to grab our ready-to-use mockups! Click below to download our free package.

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