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Create the Perfect Bar Mitzvah Photo Album with nPhoto

Bat Mitzvahs are welcome too :)

Mazel Tov! Another child has come of age; what a time for celebration! What a special occasion indeed. Certainly, the proud parents and family would love to document this event and have it preserved for generations in everlasting quality, but how? Where?

The ideal product for Bat Mitzvah; artwork by Lorie Mary

Our products fit right in at home. Artwork by Lory Marie

The answer: in a printed photo album, but not just any photo album one of professional quality. One bespoke and hand-crafted. One from one of the world’s leading album producers. One from nPhoto.

The Selection

At nPhoto, we are proud to offer several different album collections ranging from our most popular Acrylic Prestige line – featuring its signature acrylic plate on the cover, to our 100% Creative line – which allows you to add your own image to the covers of the album.

Artwork by Greg Moment, Sabrina Mischnik, and Aga Tetera; our Creative Photo Albums are ideal for that personalized product.

Our Creative line, with your choice of photo for the cover, is the ideal personalized product. Artwork by (clockwise from bottom left) Greg Moment, Sabrina Mischnik, and Aga Tetera.

Yet, the ideal collection for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs may just be our Complete Exclusive range. This collection, only available as a Complete Set, ensures you receive not only a full photo album but also an optional USB, all housed fashionably in a matching album box. Moreover, the range features a choice among unique laser-etched cover text options.


Our Complete Exclusive line offers a variety of options with a feel of sophistication.

The Complete Exclusive is our elegant heirloom product with an extra touch of class.

It’s also worth mentioning that no matter which collection you may settle on, all of our photo albums are hand-crafted on location by skilled artisans to ensure the utmost quality. They come standard with images directly exposed onto flush-mounted Fuji Silk paper leaving 800gsm lay flat spreads that are both durable and flawless.

EXCLUSIVE - Complete Album Set - A30 + A37 - Rudy_7-2

Stunning prints, even in full spreads, in a thick, durable finish that will last generations.

No more peeling pictures, no more bent pages, or creases in panoramic, full-spread shots. Instead, just beautiful albums that last generations as true heirloom products.

The How

As if the quality of our products weren’t enough, the ease of designing our albums is an equally powerful selling point.

Take advantage of our intuitive, easy-to-use online designing tool FREE of charge. This service employs a straightforward upload-then-drag-and-drop method and countless available templates and additional design add-ons. It is simply the most efficient way to include your work in our albums.

Quality, long-lasting, durable photo album spreads

Our prints are flush-mounted to equal 800gsm. This durability allows your albums to last generations and beyond.

Yet, alternatively, you can create your project in PhotoShop using our downloadable templates as guidelines. Then simply upload your finished project while viewing your shopping cart and sliding the slider to the “Uploader” option.

What can help you save time? nPhoto quality for professionals

We are partnered with album-designing software Smart Albums, Fundy, Album Stomp, and DigiFlick to help make your life using our albums much easier.

However, if you’ve already invested in premium third-party designing software, fear not.

We are partnered with major album-designing programs such as Fundy, Pixellu-Smart Albums, AlbumStomp, and DigiFlick, meaning all of our product's templates and size guidelines can easily be found within these programs.

With this option too, getting your project into your product is as simple as uploading it through our Uploader.


The Effect

But, as good as an easy-to-design album is, the reality is that ‘ease of design’ is not how a perfect album is determined. The effect the finished product has on you and your client is, instead, what indicates the perfect album.

nPhoto’s albums are sensational, but don’t just take my word for it. Claire Boshell, one of many satisfied clients, effectively captured the effect of our products when she said:

"Please tell me I’m not dreaming! Opened up my first acrylic order, and Holy God!!!! It’s amazing! The quality is outstanding; everything looks like glass, and did I mention HD?! It just shows the attention to detail you guys [nPhoto] take to each product, even the USB stick. nPhoto, you’ve brightened my day and year, thank you.”

Is this nPhoto album a dream?

Artwork by Melanie Schönemann

Or, as British photographer Andrew Miller – whose entire business plan is built off of nPhoto albums – succinctly stated, “Albums for me sell my work – that’s it. That’s why I use them."

Have something on hand that will not only sell but astonish you.

Brighten up the lives of your clients – the families of those new-found adults – by giving them an elegant, high-quality album to relive this momentous and joyous occasion again and again for generations to come.

That is the perfect album, and it’s easy to create; easy to have, simply get started [here].

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