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Lou Adams pet photographer #featuredphotographer

As our first featured photographer please meet Louise Cain, pet photographer based in Yorkshire, UK. Lou shared about her start with photography and some great tips.

Please introduce yourself

Hi, I'm Lou and I live in Yorkshire, UK with my partner & twin daughters. As well as loving doing pet photography, I work part time for the NHS helping facilitate a democratic group for people with complex emotional and mental health needs, which I also love doing. 

Lou Adams pet photographer

How did you get started with photography?

About 20 years ago I came across an old SLR at a car boot sale. I'd never done any photography before aside from a few holiday snaps with a point & shoot, and I pretty much figured it would be a bit of a fad and I wouldn't really bother with it, or I'd get bored of it within six months. Something clicked though and I discovered I loved taking photographs of animals and I'd spend my spare time & money on having fun taking images and getting them developed. Over time I met some wonderful people who helped me improve my photography & I gradually progressed to transparencies and then onto digital. After having my daughters in 2011 I spent some time doing maternity, newborn & child photography, which I enjoyed, but after a few years I went back to following my main passion of pet photography, which I now do either in the wild, on location or in my studio.


Lou Adams Photography cat

Pictured: Artwork by Lou Adams

nPhoto Folio Box Lou Adams Photography

Pictured: Artwork by Lou Adams - 5x7" Folio Box in H16 textile on outside & inside, laser etch on the front cover; 5x7 Prints.

Lou Adams Photography rabbit

Pictured: Artwork by Lou Adams

nPhoto Photo Book Pro Lou Adams Photography

Pictured: Artwork by Lou Adams - Photo Book Pro in E6 Letherette on outside & A19 Textile on the inside.

Lou Adams Photography dog

Pictured: Artwork by Lou Adams

What is your #REASONTOPRINT?

For years I didn't print many of my images, mainly due to lack of funds and space, but I always had a desire to see & feel products. I've never personally been one to have photographs on walls, but I absolutely love folio boxes. The ability to have various images beautifully presented with the option of changing which are on display is something that really appeals to me. I love the tactileness of holding and seeing my images on something other than a screen, and being able to show clients what their images can look like.


nPhoto  pet photography products Lou Adams Photography

Pictured: Artwork by Lou Adams - 11x14 Foilo Box in E6 Leatherette on the outside and A19 interior with Matted prints

nPhoto Complete Album Set Lou Adams Photography

Pictured: Artwork by Lou Adams - 10x10 Photo Album Pro in A49 Textile on outside & matching Album Box Classic in the same material.

nPhoto Folio Box Lou Adams Photography

Pictured: Artwork by Lou Adams. - 10x12 Folio Box in H16 Textile on both outside & inside, laser etch on front, board mounted prints, 

What business tip/advice would you give to other photographers?

Do what works for you would have to be my main advice!

I don't feel particularly qualified to answer this question, as the business side has never been my strong point, but I tend to know what doesn't feel right for me personally and I use that as a guide to try and find something that does. It often feels like a slow process, but it's definitely evolved over time and I'm excited to see where it leads in the future.


nPhoto Complete Album Lou Adams Photography

Pictured: Artwork by Lou Adams.


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