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New: Mohawk Paper in our Photo Albums

With the addition of Mohawk Eggshell Matte you now have four paper choices in our photo albums alone. Read on to find out more about this exciting addition.

New: Mohawk Paper in our Photo Albums

Our professional photo albums now come with the option of Mohawk Eggshell paper.

In addition to the paper’s incredible inherit effects, you can now combine it with sturdy, flush-mounted, 800gsm spreads that are commonplace in all of our professional albums.

Talk about luxury.

Read on to find out what other characteristics this Mohawk Matte paper will bring to your, your photography studio, and, of course, your decadent professional albums.

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The Technology and Benefits

Specifically, the Mohawk Eggshell is printed on the ultra-modern HP Indigo 12000 – using ElectroInk technology and a seven dye ink – the paper and printing technology result in a breathtaking finish especially with oranges, violets, and greens.

The Technology and Benefits - Mohawk Eggshell

Compared to others in its class the HP Indigo 12000 and Mohawk Eggshell provide a greater uniformity and tonal continuity on the surface of prints as well as higher quality in dark elements; better projection and reach of true colors; and cleaner, clearer, more natural colors and tones.

In fact, the technology offers the widest digital color gamut available; achieving 97% of PANTONE colors.

Now this is all available with the luxurious, ever-lasting, rigid pages of our albums. Moreover, you can get this print technology and paper in any of our best-selling album collections; with the endless customization options of our albums at your disposal.

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Four Papers for our Photo Albums

As mentioned above, this addition also means you now have 4 different paper types available to you from 3 different printing technologies in our photo albums.

These are:

- Fuji Silk and Fujii Pearl (Metallic): printed using Noritsu HD technology

- Deep Matte: printed on a Canon DreamLabo 5000

- Mohawk Eggshell Matte: printed using the ultra-modern HP Indigo 12000.

Which Paper to Choose?

If you’re having trouble deciding which paper to choose consider these facts about the papers in general:




A finish with a luxury feel. It’s soft touch and woven texture leave an impression of incredible craftsmanship and elegance. The result of the image is similar to that of a lustre finish in which there is still some sheen and glossiness, but not nearly as much as a true gloss or metallic finish.




Our metallic finish is a step up even from a glossy finish. In this way, the paper is durable, carries a heavy sheen, and projects colors in the most vivid detail. Yet, noteworthy aspects of Metallic photo album paper is its susceptibility to finger prints and glare issues.


Which Paper to Choose?


Deep Matte


As the name suggests this is a more profound matte than a typical matte finish (such as the Mohawk described in this article). Mattes finishes characteristically absorb light and, therefore, provide no light reflection, sheen, or glare. That makes this paper type ideal for heavy handling scenarios as they don’t show marks easily. Pictures in mattes appear soft and artistic.

Mohawk Matte


The Mohawk Matte is a standard matte finish professional photo paper. So while it mutes light, reflections, and glare, it does so at not as extreme of an effect as with the Deep Matte finish mentioned above. The Mohawk Eggshell Matte paper results in an incredible soft and vintage effect.


For more information about the paper options and the differences among the paper options for our albums read the article detailing the differences of our album paper options.


With four choices now available, our professional photo albums are perfect for any style of shoot and any occasion. Don’t pass up the opportunity of checking out our latest addition to the album family. Our Mohawk Eggshell Matte professional paper is just another option for you to try and employ to help your business grow.

Also, be sure to get a Demo Paper Bundle where you will get a sample of each of these papers and any other we offer in our products. It’s the perfect tool for you and your clients to get familiar with what we have on offer.

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