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nPhoto Product Feature: Parent Albums – Take Your Success & Double It

Who better to help your business than the parents? Well, OK, parent albums anyway. The answer is no one, or nothing. Find out why parent albums are the photographers golden child; sure to be something to brag about without causing any trouble.

nPhoto Product Feature: Parent Albums – Take Your Success & Double It

Today I’m going to be straightforward and talk to you about parents albums. Specifically, we’ll discuss how they are a great tool to be used and how they can help you make more money and keep your clients satisfied.

What are Parents Albums?

Before we go any further I’d like to define what parent albums are. Parent albums are smaller, identical copies of an album a client orders at a bigger size. For example, you may have a couple with a wedding shoot that they want in an album for themselves at 12×12 with 15 spreads (30 pages). With parent albums you can also get two 8×8 albums with the same project inside.

In this way the couple has something for themselves and also a gift to give to each set of parents. Of course, with a parent album package a discount is involved as opposed to the client buying the three albums individually.

nPhoto Product Feature: Parent Albums – Take Your Success & Double ItParent albums are two exact copies of a larger project. They make ideal gifts for Grandparents, Godparents, or other friends or family.

Specifically at nPhoto we offer a great discount to you, the photographer, when getting a parent album package. Also, our parent albums work with an identical project among the three albums. We also work with a scaling system – dependent on the aspect ratio – when determining the smaller album sizes paired with the main album.

Be sure to visit our website’s Parent Albums section to get all the information about our available sizes and specifications.

Why Include Parents Albums?

Now that we know what parent albums are lets discuss why they are a must-have offer.

Parent albums are the quintessential upselling tool. Almost all clients will have parents, or at least one or two other people, they’d love to share their shoot with. Also, parent albums are perfect options not only for weddings, but also maternity, newborn, and family sessions.

Here again, what parents wouldn’t like a copy of an important album capturing a life-changing moment? Suggest to that wedding couple, or expecting mom, or new mom - “Hey this shoot turned out great. It’s so precious. How about something for the parents to enjoy the special moment, too?”

The other great thing about parent albums is they come to you at a discount. In this way you then have the freedom to maximize your own profit, or pass on a hefty portion of the discount to your own client – or maybe both. In fact, one of the most effective sales techniques is when clients feel like something is free or coming at a heavy discount. If you choose to pay the discount forward be sure to make it clear to your client how much they’d be saving going with a parent album package as opposed to buying two or three albums separately.

Even if you hope to maximize your own profit when pushing the parent albums; if you work with the right printing lab you should still – even then – have room to work with to leave your clients with the impression they’re getting a deal.

How to Get Parent Albums?

Parent albums have become a popular sell for printing labs as well as photographers. In this way research a lab that offers such a package. If you don’t feel like going too far we offer a tremendous Parent Albums package of our own.

Available in 5 of our best-selling collections with the high-quality, hand-crafted elegance we’re known for, simply click the link above, go to, or contact us directly at 1-631-772-0030 and we’d be happy to answer any questions and help you get set-up.

Just remember: the next time your clients walk in for a wedding, maternity, newborn, family, or other session don’t forget about the parents.

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