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The nDesigner - 7 helpful tools for Pro Photographers



The scenario

This is an indirect continuation of our 5-step guide to ordering a sample. If you're new to nPhoto, it's recommended to go through that one first.

You’ve just finished setting up your first ever nPhoto product through our nShop & adding it to your cart - from here, two options will most likely pop up:

Cart menu - 2 design decisions

Design Project Online & Upload Templates. This post will take you on a deceitfully short trip through some of the more helpful tools designed for pro photographers to take advantage of when using our nDesigner!

1: The tutorial.

Yes, believe it or not, this is as much of an important tool as everything else! Be sure not to skip it, or you’ll miss out on seeing much of what there is to using our designer, including where some of the other tools are located.

Of course, if you need any assistance after that point, be sure to check out our help page. You’ll find a section on many keyboard shortcuts there as well!

ndesigner - help and shortcuts page

2: The Auto-creation tool

If you’re looking to just upload your photos, click a few buttons and review a potential project in a matter of minutes, the auto-creation tool is for you - it’ll organize every photo you uploaded within the number of spreads provided, using our selection of layout presets.

Auto-creation popup menu

3: Margin & Spacing adjustment tool

So, you’ve uploaded your photos and are looking to start manually setting up your project instead - the hallmarks of a true pro! This might be just the place to start - the very outline of your project. See how much space your photos would need to look most stylish.

ndesigner margins menu icon
ndesigner margins and spacing menu

4: The tool side panel.

The amount of features this bar has built into it deserves its own post - it covers the general layout & decoration aspect of your spreads: Layouts, backgrounds, clip-arts, mask overlays & frames.

There are hundreds of options to choose from - and that’s not an exaggeration. You’re bound to find something that would improve the overall aesthetics of your design, be it by sheer chance or intent.

nDesigner side tool menu locationnDesigner side tools lists

5: Smart Designer - a balance between convenience and personalisation

We’ve covered the auto-creation tool, as well as a few tools in the designer panel - but what if you wanted to do a little bit of both? The Smart Designer is here to fill in that gap.

nDesigner - Smart designer overview

This middle ground allows you to drag & drop photos into specific spreads of your choosing, effectively allowing you to take a hands-on approach to the auto-creation tool’s spread design process.

6: The preview / View spreads panels

By now, you’d be almost finished designing your project, and it’d be a good idea to look over every spread - which is why the nDesigner includes these tools for your utmost convenience.

nDesigner spread preview 1
nDesigner spread preview 2

The first allows you to quickly inspect a given spread without any other tools and clutter getting in the way, while the latter lets you quickly view and scroll through every spread, almost as if browsing a folder.

7: The error panel

Since we've covered the subject of the tools panel…

Everyone makes mistakes, but when your client’s photo products are on the line, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Should the nDesigner detect any potential issues with your project, this handy section will appear upon clicking the “Add to cart” button - problems with potentially inadequate image sizes & empty layout spaces will appear here.

nDesigner - potential errors menu popup

False positives will sometimes happen, and if you’re certain about a particular design decision, you can safely skip the message popup & proceed to your cart - to finalize your order and overjoy your clients.

The images may occasionally appear blurry on the designer but yield no errors - this happens as the nDesigner presents your photos in the form of thumbnails, in order to save you on loading times and hardware usage, which means everything is working as intended.

So, with all of these options in mind, it’s clear that the nDesigner is capable of going toe-to-toe with similar services of its kind.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use it to take advantage of our products; however - nPhoto is partnered with other designing services such as Albumstomp, Fundy & more, and you can simply upload the projects designed on those using our uploader option.

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