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Uplift Your Clients and Your Business with Acrylic Folio Boxes

It’s been a rough go for everyone; you as a professional photographer and your clients alike. Provide your clients with a heart-warming distraction with our latest offering.

It’s been a rough go for everyone; you as a professional photographer and your clients alike.

This truly is an unusual and rare time we find ourselves in. But, at this stage – amidst all the gloomy news cycles, demoralizing outlooks, and cautious action plans, people are eager to have something grab their attention; a distraction that will both fill them with the warm joy of the good times past, and, yet, equally give them optimism of what the world will again be.

That’s where you come in.

Nothing exemplifies this sentiment like what it is you offer: professional photography.


As a professional photographer you possess wonderful skills that allow you to capture and produce beautiful artwork. Beautiful art that simultaneously allows people to comfortingly relive the joyful memories they hold dear, as well as inspires them to press on and create new wonderful moments in the future.

It is with that that we are proud to introduce a high-quality, attractive, and practical way for you to offer your clients their printed memories: that is with our new Acrylic Prestige Folio Boxes.

Design Acrylic Folio Box

Enchanting Acrylic Folio Boxes 50% OFF

Our Acrylic Prestige Folio Boxes is where our most sought-after, eye catching collection collides with our most practical, user-friendly product line.

Those familiar with our photo albums from the same collection, appreciate the power and grandeur a full-cover acrylic plate provides. The impressive effect the cover has on clients is hard to overstate. Even professional photographers immediately fall in love when they see their work presented beneath a stunning acrylic cover.

Pro photography Folio Boxes with Acrylic cover.

These Folio Boxes come available in 12 different size options and with two acrylic plate cover options. Choose either a full-cover acrylic plate, or a half-cover option (split horizontally – acrylic on top).

Then, like any of our Folio Box options, you can select to include either thick, rigid Board Mounted Prints, or stylish, sturdy Matted Prints. Also, you can pair the print product with a USB to give your clients a digital option as well; and the best of both worlds in the modern photography landscape.

To soothe the spirits and ease the minds of your clients further, we currently have 50% OFF on any client orders of our Folio Box, either in this new Acrylic Prestige Collection, or any other Collection we currently have available – valid through 30 June.

Feel free to pass these savings on to your client in your final price, or allow yourself to make a little extra on a sale.

Get 50% OFF & Mockups

Aid your Clients and Business without Leaving Home

Indeed, not only are our new, eye-catching Acrylic Folio Boxes great products for your clients, but also for your business. In addition to our 50% OFF client orders promotion, we can enable you to make money without ever leaving your home thanks to our .psd file Folio Box Mockups.

Folio Box Mockups collage from nPhoto

Our Folio Box Mockups are free, downloadable .psd image files that allow you to add your own images into our Folio Box product pictures. These files come entirely unbranded by us so you can confidentially advertise them on your website and social media outlets.

Or, more practically, take full advantage of these files and send personalized offers to your clients. With clients who have worked with you in the past you can include their own photos from their shoot(s) you have in storage to increase their interest and likelihood to follow through with the offer.

By combining these personalized offers with our discounted pricing possibilities, and our drop-shipping options - which allows you to send an order straight to your clients door without any billing, or nPhoto markings included – you can create irresistible, personal (and meaningful) offers even in this time of distancing.

Get 50% OFF & Mockups

Create a Captivating Display

Yet, don’t forget the power of a beautiful display. To help enhance your Folio Box offer, and the experience your client enjoys with their Folio Box product, consider our Tabletop Easel Display Stands and Wooden Photo Ledges accessories.

Professional Folio Box and photo products.

While it may be hard – or even impossible – to have potential clients visit a studio space at this time, you can publish on your website, social media, and within your personal client email offers, images showcasing these products together with our Acrylic Prestige Folio Boxes and prints to accentuate the experience.

Wooden Easel Display Stand for pro photographers.

Specifically, our easels are hand-crafted using the finest beech wood and come available in two sizes: Mini 10.5” (27cm), and Midi 15” (39cm). Their natural wood material gives a warm and homely ambiance while they serve as a perfect prop up for Folio Box prints.

Explore Easel Stands


Professional photography wooden ledge display.

Our ledges, meanwhile, are crafted using the finest ash wood and come available in three sizes (lengths): S 13” (34cm), M 25” (64cm), and L 37” (94cm). These ledges are ideal for bringing to life our Folio Box’s Matted and Mounted Prints and ensuring they stay visible stylishly and securely.

Explore Wooden Ledges

Within your studio space utilize both these display accessories – in a variety of sizes - coupled with our high-quality professional print products to have your brand really emanate professionalism, style, and durable heirloom products.

Be that Good Distraction

Many photographers may feel that now is not a good time to reach out to clients about potential orders. Yet, now is actually a wonderful time. While there may be much to keep our minds busy at this time, it is often negative and extremely stressful. What better to help relax and positively distract your clients and their families in this time of social distancing than professional images of their family experiencing happy, monumental occasions?

Be that ‘good distraction’ your clients so longingly crave. And, let our new Acrylic Prestige Folio Boxes and 50% client order price reduction be that irresistibly good distraction for your business.

Design Acrylic Folio Box


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