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Wedding Photo Albums: Your Guide to the Latest Trends

Every bride needs her dress, and every wedding needs its album. A year has recently passed, and a new one's just getting started, so make sure you are up with all the latest trends for the best wedding photo albums.

1) Acrylic Albums - Perfect Choice for the 'Wow' Effect

Who doesn’t like to make a big statement? Who doesn’t like to showcase their wedding- one of the most important moments of their lives – in jaw-dropping beauty?

Professional Wedding Photo Album in acrylic.

Artwork by Vivid Symphony

This is why we see such big fanfare around acrylic or crystal cover albums. It’s a win-win; photographers love the durability and pop such an album gives to their cover image, and clients love the elegance and that ‘wow’ factor just as much.
Add quality flush mount, lay flat 800gsm silk, metallic, or deep matte spreads – as we offer here at nPhoto – and you really can’t lose.

This is one trend you don’t want to buck but instead grab by the horns and ride to successful bliss.

Get Started with Acrylic

2) Combining Digital and Print - Your Path to Success

Digital or print?…. Wait, why do we even have to choose? Why not both?

That’s right, now in the 21st century, we can’t ignore the presence of digital media. The professional photography industry is realizing this, and the one-two punch of offering print AND digital products is quickly becoming the hottest ticket.

Complete Print and Digital

Artwork by Greg Moment

That is totally understandable too. Similar to acrylic albums mentioned above, this option pleases both parties. Let's be honest. Most clients come in wanting something digital, while most photographers would prefer to sell something print (if they knew clients would buy it), so here, both parties can leave happy.
Another no-lose situation.
Luckily you don’t have to look any further to find superb digital and print combo sets; it's something we specialize in here with our Complete Album Sets – have a look:

Combine Print and Digital


PRO TIP: Also, be sure to check out our DreamBook 4K and Photo Book Pro Complete Sets, which also include print & digital and can offer a fantastic alternative to the norm.

3) Simple Layouts - Save Time and Satisfy Your Customers

Less is more. This is quickly becoming a trendy mantra in all walks of life. The world of photography is no exception. Gone are the days of cluttered albums filled to the brim with multiple photo spreads of the couple with every last guest who attended the reception. In its place instead are sleek, simple layouts. Many times professional wedding albums these days will be filled mostly with one picture per page – or even spread!
Of course, the exact layout is certainly one that is a matter of taste for each photographer, and specific points of the wedding may call for different layouts than others, but, by and large, albums are seeing a significant photo cull compared to those of yesteryear.

PRO TIP: As a result of this, consider offering small wedding photo albums such as our 10x10, 8x8, or even 6x8 and 8x6 options available.

4) Signature, Panoramic Spreads - To Get Yourself Noticed

Going directly off the point above, the less-is-more philosophy is coupled with the quality-over-quantity approach. Open up a wedding album created within the last few months, and you’ll find at least one or two gorgeous signature spreads.
Now what is a signature spread? A signature spread is simply a beautiful, dynamic image – or a telling and emotive one – that a photographer elects to emphasize and cover a full spread with.

Layflat Wedding Photo Albums.

The key here, again, is to play on the most significant moments and really bring out the emotion of the event rather than just show off the attendance list (that's for the Guest Signing Book). Most importantly, the expanding prevalence of such images in albums over the years leads one to believe the clients like them.

PRO TIP: want to take a signature spread to an even greater level? Have it printed in our Fuji Pearl paper and watch the image really come to life. Our Pearl finish is even more dynamic than a metallic finish and can be mixed in the same album with Fuji Silk spreads.


5) Parent Albums - the Must-Have Package for Wedding Couples

Brides and grooms are quick to think of their parents, and so should photographers. Parent Album packages are a great way to make sure the most important people at the ceremony not getting married are sure to get the love and recognition they deserve. They are also a great way to make a few extra dollars with a little extra effort.
Parent album packages involve offering a discount on three albums of the same project, with one main album (for the wedding couple) and then two smaller-sized copies for the parents.

Parent Albums - Wedding Photography

With us at nPhoto, finding and creating Parent Albums is quick and easy. Also, you will be sure to get a reasonable price on your set. Then the choice is yours as to how much of the discount you want to pass on to your own clients.

Who doesn’t love their parents? And, who doesn’t deserve more respect than parents? Parent Albums are a professional photography trend that isn’t going to be going away any time soon.

6) Elegant Velvet & Suede Wedding Photo Albums

With sophistication and elegance in mind, we'd be remiss not to mention our flush-mounted albums available in velvet and suede textiles.

Velvet and suedes are materials historically associated with royalty and nobility due to their fine, soft feel and relative scarcity. While the scarcity of these materials may have disappeared today, the class and style they exude certainly remain.

Professional Wedding Albums for Photographers

And, this is not some empty compliment; buyer behavior supports the popularity and demand of velvet & albums as they've been MAJOR hot-ticket items for months.

Sample an Album in Velvet or Suede

So there you have it, your guide to the latest, as well as everlasting, trends for professional wedding albums. Best of all, you need not look any further than the most reliable and professional wedding album maker and printer: we've got you covered right here at nPhoto. So have a look. We're eager to help you elevate your business and amaze your clients with excellent products!

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