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5 Reasons Why You Should Try nPhoto Lab and Place Your First Sample Order

Don’t underestimate the importance of having an outstanding, reliable, and helpful printing lab. It can mean the difference between professional bliss, and, well, you can imagine where (that hot, fiery place). Find out why nPhoto is that perfect lab for you.

Lets play a little quiz game. Question: What are the three most important things for a professional photographer?

Choosing Best Photo Lab

Artwork by JD Mason, retrieved from Unsplash

We hope you answered ‘an outstanding printing lab and album producing company’, because the reality is – especially in this day-and-age, one of the most valuable resources for a professional photographer looking to earn good money is a professional print lab and the quality of the print products it offers.

In fact, it’s so vital it’s a good idea to consider further and understand exactly Why Choosing the Right Professional Printing Lab is Essential for Success.

OK, so now we understand that a print lab is important, but which one to use? Well, it just so happens you’re on the site of a professional printing lab, yourself ;)

But if that weren’t enough, here are 5 excellent reasons to try us out at nPhoto as your personal printing lab of the future.

1. The Acrylic Prestige

This is one of our best-selling collections, and it’s easy to see why. Immediately, our products from this line catch the eye and steal all the attention with their breath-taking, acrylic-plated cover. The acrylic plate, standard of this collection, is available in five different layouts from full-cover, down to a one-third strip.

Acrylic Album Cover

The Acrylic Prestige Album with full-cover acrylic plate. Artwork by Luke Woodford.

Yet, best of all, this plate not only protects, but accentuates your own artistic work and, like all of our albums regardless of the collection, it comes with thick 800g/m², flush-mount spreads that will protect your images for generations.

Available as a stand alone album, Dreambook 4K, Photo book Pro, or part of the Complete Sets, the Acrylic Prestige line is as versatile as it is stunning. It’s the perfect choice for wedding, family/portrait, senior, and even boudoir/glamour photography.

If you’re looking for the belle-of-the-ball for your studio look no further than our Acrylic Prestige collection – sure to turn heads and drop jaws.

Get an Acrylic Prestige Now

2. The Complete Sets

Above you might have noticed I mentioned ‘Complete Sets,’ these are another phenomenal reason to try us out at nPhoto.

Unique to our lab, we offer you the opportunity to offer your clients the complete package: a sensational, complete print product; a matching, fitting box; and a USB option – all bundled together.

These sets come available with our three main print product options: albums, Dreambook 4Ks, and Photobook Pros. You have a variety of collections to choose from as well; from our most-popular Acrylic Prestige line to our most customizable Exclusive Collection; there is something to suit any style of photo shoot, and any dose of ambitious creativity.

White Lady Album Set

The Complete Album Set - White Lady Collection. A full Photo Album, matching album box, and optional USB drive all-in-one. From nPhoto.

From a practical stand point, Complete Sets cannot be beat as they offer everything a client could want. Moreover, since so much is included, it allows you- the photographer- many opportunities to upsell and mark up the price after purchase; as much as you feel comfortable doing.

As we like to say, Complete Sets – Print product + Box + USB (optional) = Win, win, win.

Get a Complete Album Set Now

3. The DreamBook 4K

As much as we love our albums at nPhoto, we can’t deny that the award for most spellbinding print output goes to our DreamBook 4K. Printed using the Canon DreamLabo 5000, with its fortified seven-dye ink, your images get the treatment of a fairy tale princess coming to life in 2400 DPI, as well as, 4K definition. Additionally, the skin tones in this product are so fine and detailed you’ll swear you’re looking in a mirror-mirror on the wall.

DreamBook 4K Pro

The ultra high-definition, 2400 DPI DreamBook 4K

In this way, the DreamBook 4K is an ideal choice for family, portrait, senior, model, fashion, boudoir, or glamour shoots that really emphasize human subjects.

Of course, it’s not limited to only these styles. Instead, the range and output of the Canon DreamLabo 5000 is more than capable of working its magic on any type of photography.

But here’s the catch: the ultra high-end Canon DreamLabo 5000 printer isn’t available everywhere; in every lab. In fact, rumor has it, there are only about four in use and, well, lets just say if that’s true we may have half the loot.

Hand-crafted and available in a selection of Collections, 60+ cover materials options, and the ability to be upgraded to a Complete Set, the DreamBook 4K really is the magical product of a photographer’s dream. Only at nPhoto.

Get a DreamBook 4K Now

4. Customer Support

While we may often rave about our products and how they can help you and your business satisfy more clients and earn you more money, it is actually our customer support that is our secret ingredient. Despite our high-quality, hand-crafted, everlasting professional products, our people – yes, people – behind the scenes always ready and waiting are what – or who – puts us above all else.

At nPhoto we not only have a dedicated and knowledgeable customer support department happy to address any questions or inquires, but also, each client gets assigned a personal point of contact upon registering; so any time you have a question, concern, or comment about anything you’ll be able to reach out to a real person in no time. Moreover, one that will understand where you’re coming from since they’ve been helping you all along.

personal assistant

Our customer support and staff is second-to-none and our real MVP. You'll have your own personal assistant when signing up with nPhoto always happy to help you along.  Artwork by Magdalena Sienicka.

As a whole, we pride ourselves on our customer support and customer experience as much as we do our products themselves. We love making ourselves available to our clients and, therefore, can be accessed anytime either by phone, email, web-chat on our website, or even social media. Even specific, personal points of contact can be reached in these manners.

When you choose nPhoto you don’t get a machine, or just some random sales rep, or an employee disinterested in your problem; instead you get a personal point of contact eager to help you succeed – you get an adviser; you truly get a business partner.

Get Started Now

5. Price

OK, time to get real: price matters.

Not only the finite amount you have to shell out of your own pocket to get the product in the first place, but also how much room you’ll be left to reasonably make a profit on said product. We understand this – completely.

This is why we’ve thought to give you the best of both worlds. What we mean is this: if you were to look at our pricing without seeing our products you would think we were a mass market, half-step-above-consumer-level lab. Conversely, if you saw our products without prices you might estimate we charge much more than we do.

But, the reality is you get the highest-end, hand-crafted, professional products at an extremely competitive price.

This is GREAT news for you, the professional photographer, for the two reasons outlined above: you don’t have to mortgage your home just to get our products, and yet, you get top-of-the-line, professional products with a lot of room to play with in your pricing scheme. Therefore, you have the built-in potential to walking away with a killer profit - on each sale.

profits grow

The quality of our products FAR exceeds their price tag; but that means better days for you the photographer. Artwork by Rawpixel; retrieved from Unsplash

Don’t believe us? Just ask one of our happy clients, Angelina Devine, who made over $9,000 one sale with our products!

Still don’t buy it? Check out our pricing and products yourself. But, again don’t just do one or the other because it can mislead you. Try out one of our Sample promotions so you can not only get an incredible price, but actually see and feel our products as well to understand they are as good as we suggest.

Oh, but I should warn you – you’ll have to register first. We keep our pricing details secret from the public so you won’t have to worry about any of your clients finding them and trying to undercut you.

Once you register, your account will be verified by our team - just to be sure you’re a professional - and then you’ll be activated, granted a personal point of contact, and have access to our full product pricing.

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Why nPhoto as Your Professional Printing Lab?

An outstanding professional printing lab is one of the three most important assets for a professional photographer. At nPhoto we’re a professional lab that offers you great products, tremendous customer support, and unbelievable prices for the top-shelf quality produced – just about the three most important criteria when determining the best professional printing lab.

Keep in touch with us on Facebook and Instagram, sign up for our newsletter, and/or contact us about the best ways to get started with us – we are eager to help you and your business grow.

nPhoto helpful

At nPhoto we are always ready to lend a helping hand whether in the office, or at trade shows as seen here.

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