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The Difference Between Our Paper Options: Dreambook 4K Edition

Last week I went through the difference between our paper options in our photo albums in The Difference Between Our Paper Options: Albums Edition, but albums are not even half of what we offer at nPhoto. So today I’ll be going further and breaking down the paper options in our Dreambook 4K. Our Dreambook 4K offers the choice of three different paper options: glossy, luster, and satin.

The Difference Between Our Paper Options: Dreambook 4K Edition

The stunning Dreambook 4K showcases the awesome capabilities of the Canon DreamLabo 5000 printer and glossy paper selection. Truly a photographer's dream come true.

Dream in Gloss, Lustre, or Satin?

Our Dreambook 4K is one of the most impressive products we offer. Printed using the state-of-the-art Canon DreamLabo 5000 printer consisting of a fortified seven-dye ink, it offers prints in 2400 DPI and 4K quality – no matter the paper you choose. Everything is designed specifically for the product and the printer to ensure the absolute best results; this includes the paper.

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The glossy paper (250 gsm), as the name suggests, has a heavy, glossy finish. In general, glossy and/or metallic finishes are renowned for their range, sharpness, vividness, and durability. They will be highly colorful and most purely present the colors and shades of the image. Combine this with the 4K DreamLabo, and the results are simply breathtaking. Images leap off the paper, and the contrasts – especially between blacks and whites – are exceptionally defined.

The Difference Between Our Paper Options: Dreambook 4K Edition

Even from a distance, the Dreambook with gloss paper has images that come through crystal clear—artwork by Lory Marie Photography.

Canon themselves boast a much more natural black, white, and gray-scale appearance thanks to their fortified, ultra-high-quality ink, which includes grays. Moreover, the printer puts out truer, more saturated colors and skin tones. With the glossy paper, it seems as if you’re not looking at a picture but instead the real thing.

In this way, glossy paper is ideal for bold, dramatic shoots where the aim is to achieve an authentic, unapologetic “wow!” One point of note, as with metallic spreads, the DreamBook's glossy paper is susceptible to glare and fingerprints. Heavy touching of the image and viewing it at an angle may result in visual obstruction.

The Difference Between Our Paper Options: Dreambook 4K Edition

Another example of the DreamBook's gloss paper. Notice the 'pop' of the images and the stark contrast between the dark hair and light skin. The skin itself also appears lifelike.

Dreambook 4K: Lustre

Canon’s other paper options benefit from that same impressive print result as described above, only they display it in a different style than the glossy paper. For example, Canon’s lustre paper (250 gsm) is that middle ground between glossy and satin. It has incredible definition, natural skin tones, etc, but has less of a gloss finish than the glossy option; and therefore, less problems associated with glare and fingerprints. Yet, it’s not a matte finish and does still retain some shine which enhances details and colors on the photo.

The Difference Between Our Paper Options: Dreambook 4K Edition

An example of the Dreambook's luster; is a nice middle-ground between the gloss and satin options. The lustre retains some detail-accentuating gloss while minimizing the glare effect and fingerprint problems.

Lustre paper is very popular with photographers, particularly wedding and portrait photographers, as it’s a happy medium between high gloss and subdued matte and matte-like finishes.

Dreambook 4K: Satin

Canon’s satin paper choice is the bottom rung of the “glossiness” ladder. However, it’s only about a half step below the luster option and is at the border of the “matte” category. In this way, I consider it a “light-matte” finish. This is in contrast to our true, Deep Matte Photo Albums

In the end, the paper retains the tremendous general benefits of the Canon DreamLabo 5000 printer visible throughout each paper type. The satin paper in the Dreambook 4K features a near-flat, extremely low-gloss finish and thus has minimal glare and renders fingerprints non-noticeable. As the name may suggest, the paper is smooth and soft to the touch and provides an elegant finish and effect to an image. There is a slight texture in the paper, but not as heavy as in a true or deep matte paper.

The Difference Between Our Paper Options: Dreambook 4K Edition

A Dreambook with the satin paper choice. Notice the smooth texture of the paper and the slight but low sheen. Great detail is still achieved, but it has close to no gloss and a flatter finisher.

The satin finish is ideal for images that will be handled often and are exposed to varied viewing environments. Flat, matte-like finishes are also popular among fine-art photographers for their soft and natural effects.

Decisions, Decisions

In the end, each paper choice will deliver the Canon DreamLabo 5000’s stunning print quality and detail. The choice among the papers often comes down to a matter of taste. The DreamBook’s luster paper type is the most flexible being between the gloss and satin paper's finish. However, the gloss paper will provide the most vivid and precise details as well as the widest color representation. For those looking to achieve dramatic results and display in a controlled, consistent environment, this may be the ideal selection. The Dreambook satin is a soft, natural, artistic variant that resembles a matte finish but retains the slightest gloss and tremendous detail.

The Difference Between Our Paper Options: Dreambook 4K Edition

A precious collection displayed on the gloss paper. Notice the range of colors, yet all are displayed remarkably—artwork by Lory Marie Photography.

We’re standing by and happy to help answer any further questions you may have. Any selection chosen will yield stunning results in its own right. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

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