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The Most Essential Selling Tool in a Professional Photographer’s Kit

The Swatch Book. This is it. I know, you’re thinking: really, THAT’S the most important selling tool?? Really? Read on to find out and how it can even save you sales.

Swatch Book

So you're still not sure.

You've opened this post but are still thinking it's a cruel joke. Is the Swatch really so essential?

Quite frankly; yes, in all seriousness.

I mean, you want to make more money, right?

Silly question. Of course you do – we all want to.

Well, I’m sure you’ve heard before that if you’re a professional photographer and want to make good money then you need to sell printed products. By now this is becoming a well-documented mantra; but for good reason as it’s true.

Velvet Cover - Complete Set Box

Yet, how do you ensure that those products sell?

You put them in your client’s hands – that’s how. Let them touch them, feel them, experience them.

But how do you know which design will best match your client’s needs, or your overall brand image?

Let’s just consider the following: you meet with a client and show off your limited sample range. They tell you they love the product, but aren’t sure about the color. You tend to run a more bright color scheme in your studio, yet this client would just really love your pictures in your product, but with a darker color.

You could stand your ground and insist you only offer these color options and lose a sale, or you could work with them and figure out how to get them a color they’d like.

Only, a dark color as one they’re after is literally as far away from anything you have on hand as you can get. So how do you know what options you can even offer them?

Or, say they’re adamant about a specific color, or shade of color, that you know is not available, how will you know which alternatives are best to offer them? Which alternatives are closest to that color they want, or best compliment the work, or is even available?

And that’s where the Swatch Book comes into play.

Tangible Swatch Book

You see? The Swatch Book is the most important gadget, or tool, in a professional photographer’s studio arsenal. It can save you a sell.

Luckily, we offer these crucial tools for you, our valued photographer friend, and they can easily be added to any order at a minimal cost.

Get my Swatch Book

These up-to-date, invaluable sales tools include our full-range of 70+ material and color options.

Best yet, if you are one of those people who always seems to be misplacing things, we offer a convenient Online Swatch Book option that can be accessed from our website and downloaded as PDF available any time - at no cost!


The Most Successful Professionals are Always Prepared

So make sure you have one yourself to ensure that each of your sales meetings (you’re having sales meetings, right?) goes perfectly for your client; and smoothly for yourself.

As the old adage goes; the best professionals in life (in any profession) are those whom are prepared – always.

Don’t get caught without a Swatch Book and be left unprepared.

After all, sales is all about the emotion, the attitude, and playing on the moment. If you have to break, or ‘bridge,’ the sales experience the chances of having a big sale, or one at all, will drop dramatically compared to if you can do it all in the moment.

Don’t let a small detail like, ‘I’ll get back to you about that color,’ allow the potential client to walk out of the studio empty handed.

Simply add one of our Swatch Books to your next order, or download one from our website once you’ve logged into your account.


Modern Swatch Books with the Latest Styles

Of course, we'd be remiss not to mention that we work hard at nPhoto to give you, our professional photographer friends, what it is you want and what your clients want.

We are constantly reviewing and updating our material and color options available and our tangible and online Swatch Books to stay current and fresh. (We also love to provide them in sleek, modern styles ;) )

Velvet and Suede Textile for Swatch Book

As such, our Swatch Books boast our complete selection of 70+ color options and a variety of material choices.

Inside you’ll find our textiles, eco-friendly leatherettes as well as our suede textile and velvet range!

Our colors run the gamut from black and deep brown earthy tones to bright and soft pastel choices and everything in between. You can be sure to always find something to suit your needs and the desires of your clients.

Online Swatchbook

Don’t forget to drop by our web store and pick up both a tangible Swatch Book as well as a digital form so you can always be prepared; ready to maximize your client satisfaction and sales.

Get my Swatch Book

PRO TIP: Have both a digital version as well as a tangible version of our Swatch Book at your disposal. While a digital version is easier for you to keep track of and not misplace, a tangible Swatch Book is much more effective for the sales experience and should always be with you at all your sales consultations.

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