Why Photo Books Are Now a Must-Have in a Professional Studio

        Lets play a little word association; you know how it works I’ll give a word and you shout as loud as you can at your screen the first thing that comes to your mind. This will need to be especially loud if you’re in a public place. OK so first word: photo… I’m tempted to say album. OK, next: book….I’m screaming “read!” I wonder how many of you put the two together and answered photo book for that last association. That is the reality though, we often associate books with reading and those big paper weights we find at libraries, hip cafes, and chain stores. However, books have a significant place in the world of photography as well and its time they get the recognition they deserve.

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Why Pictures are Important (and Always Will Be)


        I will open up a little bit about myself, I am the proud parent of a marvellous five-year-old boy. Like all parents I simply can not get enough of my child. I also happen to be a product of the “digital age” - born during the early years of the home computer- and therefore always have some kind of picture taking device in my pocket and at hand.

        As you might expect I don’t find shame in taking advantage of this reality and, therefore, have thousands of digital pictures of my son and my family strewn across multiple devices. Yet, despite this fact, I can count on my two hands the number of pictures of my son I see regularly (by that I mean more than once). The kicker is although I am definitely a product of the digital age even I recognize that it’s more than just coincidence that all of those pictures I see regularly are printed pictures.

        Printed pictures are incredibly important as they not only allow us to capture a certain moment in time, but also preserve it for generations to come and so are able to relive the wonderful memory or experience again and again. Even more, printed pictures are shared easily with others, and authenticate our important past.


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3 Ways to Get More Wedding Photography Clients

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Why You Should Sell, Promote, and Emphasize Photo Albums

(The short; because they make you more money)

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